What is GaN charger adapter?

When purchasing adapters, we often find that a new type of GaN adapter has been added to the market. It is small in size and high in power. So what is a GaN adapter? Why is it so popular now?

What Does GaN Mean?

GaN is actually the chemical formula of gallium nitride, and materials such as SiC silicon carbide and AlN aluminum nitride are called third-generation semiconductors. Semiconductor materials have also developed to the third generation. These three generations of semiconductor materials are not substitutes. They have different characteristics and are currently playing a role in different fields.


The third-generation semiconductors are wide-bandgap semiconductors, represented by silicon carbide and gallium nitride, with superior performances such as high frequency, high efficiency, high power, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, and strong radiation resistance, which are suitable for energy saving, emission reduction, and intelligent manufacturing. , information security and other major national strategic needs, are the key core materials and electronic components that support the independent innovation and development and transformation and upgrading of new generation mobile communications, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail trains, energy Internet and other industries, and have become the global semiconductor technology and industry competition focus. In recent years, the power adapter for mobile phone charging has also used GaN materials, so that the original high-power power adapter can also take into account the size.


What are the advantages of GaN chargers compared to traditional power adapters?

The power adapter uses GaN material, which has the following advantages:

  • Smaller in size, lighter in weight, easy to carry and easy to dissipate heat, it is a good partner for office, travel and business trips. Because of the use of a characteristic of gallium nitride: high switching frequency. It is currently the fastest power switching device in the world. The high switching frequency can reduce the volume of transformers and capacitors, so the natural gallium nitride charging head will be smaller and lighter than ordinary charging heads, and at the same time generate heat will also decrease.
  • 2.Low power consumption and high efficiency. Higher charging efficiency can reduce energy waste. With the help of low loss and high switching frequency characteristics, GaN gallium nitride can withstand greater power with lower heat generation. With lower on-resistance and faster switching speed, higher power conversion efficiency can be achieved.
  • The compatibility of GaN adapter is better, compatible with most Type-c laptops and mobile.

Final Words

Our computer equipment, mobile phones, earphones and other electronic products, we all want to keep 100% power at all times, just like our mood, only by keeping the power can we not fall into anxiety. In this new era, everyone has and relies on mobile devices. Once there is no electricity, we will worry about not being able to pay, not working, etc…GaN adapters are used for small size and fast speed, and at the same time meeting the new needs of our time, GaN adapters are a new trend in the future, and I believe more mobile devices will use this new type of material.

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